Tucson Timetraders  +  Terms of Service

Disclaimer of Liability

By using this communications service, you are inherently agreeing with the current Terms of Service, and that the service is provided As-Is and your use of the service is entirely At Your Own Risk.

Tucson Timetraders Timebank is just the messenger for this community communications service.   All members of the community are responsible for their own intentions, words, and actions with each other.

Some Basic Rules and Guidelines

No illegal, unethical, or offensive postings, transactions, etc.  All postings are the personal responsibility and intellectual property of their respective authors, freely shared for the information and use of community members, and confidential within this community unless otherwise stated.

Please use caution and common sense when providing information about yourself, and engaging in relations with others.  See the reference manual on how to easily find everything posted by or about any particular person in the community, to help you make informed decisions.

If someone has, or is, a problem, the community discussion blog is an appropriate place to post comments and questions for the whole community to read and discuss.  If assisting in the resolution of problems, your friendly timebank co-ordinators will respect the core values of timebanking and the general consensus of the whole community.

Also from TimeBanks USA

I understand that TimeBanks USA and my local Time Bank shall have neither liability nor responsibility to any person or entity with respect to loss, damage, or injury caused or alleged to be caused directly or indirectly by information contained on this web site or any other Time Bank resources.  I pledge not to reveal the contents of this site to non-members, especially personal information.

I understand that the function of my local Time Bank is to facilitate the exchange of services within the community.  It is my responsibility to use the same caution I would in other circumstances to get to know a person, make reference checks, and use my instincts before engaging with another Time Bank participant - especially for babysitting, elder care, and driving.  Since any agreements shall be made by and between parties involved in this transaction, TimeBanks USA and my local Time Bank will not be held responsible and will not assume any liability for claims, damages, or any other consequences which may arise from this arrangement.

I hereby agree the duty, responsibility, and liability that is inherent with Time Bank exchanges shall remain as it would be if the parties were not part of any Time Bank.  I agree to leave intact the normal remedies and cause-of-action available to these parties in the event of any unforeseen circumstance.  I agree to indemnify and hold harmless all parties who facilitate or participate in Time Bank exchanges.

I understand that my local Time Bank might not be incorporated or have legal status as an organization.  I agree to abide by the core values, rules, and guidelines provided by TimeBanks USA and my local Time Bank for proper and courteous behavior.  I pledge to proceed with good intent towards being of service to others in my community and to treat others in the Time Bank with respect and kindness.